Travel Agency: Which is Safe?

Pre-travel arrangements are always difficult. It is rather tasking to go through the entire process of planning, researching, booking and reserving. What’s more is that it actually takes that extra time for far more essential things. Given the constraints of travel preparations, some people actually go for travel agencies. A travel agency makes sure that ever detail essential to the traveler is covered. They prepare for the person’s itinerary, provides him/ her with tickets and does all of the hotel reservations. Although this does sound convenient, it is important to note that travel agencies are not altogether competent. With that, one must ask, “Which agency is which?”

A travel agency, first and foremost, survives against competition through the establishment of a good name. In fact, an established name is their best advertisement. With that, the first thing that a person has to consider before availing of an agency’s services is it’s name. One may inquire directly to family members and the likes. The internet also holds certain reviews when it comes to the best agencies around.

A further consideration is a travel agency’s guild membership. If an agency is part of a prominent group with members belonging o the same business, one is sure that there is a certain degree of service quality and reasonable pricing. What’s more is that these groups provide for inter-agency linkages. This is beneficial to the travel agency inasmuch as it is to the customer. This is so because, the linkages enables a kind of sharing method for things which one agency cannot accommodate. This will also ensure the customer that what he/ she is getting is the best available service.

Another quality to look for in a travel agency is customer relations. Since the business requires planning a trip and getting the necessary purchases, accommodations and reservations done, one should know that an agent should be concerned with the personal preferences of his/ her customers. A business relationship based on this is good for the person employing the agent’s service. It is only in this way that the person is assured that the trip will go according to his plan.

Finally, one should be aware that a travel agency charges not according to fixed rates but, according to travel cost percentage. Thus, a small percentage of what one spends is the rate that the agency will get. This is so since, the tickets one purchases through them already have rebates for the agency.

On a final note, any person must know that the benefits brought about by employing the services of any travel agency still requires some participation from him/ her. This is so because, at the end of the day, the entire trip isn’t exactly the agency’s feat but, the customer’s. With the right and good agency and the right information feed, the entire trip will be well worth it.

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This post was written by JB on August 4, 2008

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