shipping to Belize, Central America?

sonrisa asks :

I’m living in Belize, but I want to shop online for clothes, etc from the states and have it shipped here. However, I can’t find stores that ship to this country! Help please 🙂

Charlie responds :

I live in Mexico, same problem. One thing we do here is order what we want on-line and have it sent to the home of a friend in the states who is coming down soon…but there are probably fewer of those where you are. The best option is to use a “remailing ” service. You have your orders sent to them, then they forward them to you.

Have you considered using a Parcel Forwarding company like Bongo International? Bongo will set you up with a US address so that you can make purchases from US based online retailers even if they don’t ship internationally. The biggest benefit is that you can make multiple purchases from different vendors and Bongo will consolidate them into one shipment for you. Trust me, it has saved me hundreds of dollars! Good luck!

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This post was written by JB on September 22, 2008

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