Can we swim comfortably off Ambergris Caye in Belize with all the sharks?

John K asks :
Can it be relaxing to swim off the coast of Belize with the teeming number of nurse sharks present? It would be fun to swim with them once or twice, but if my wife and I want to relax in the ocean, is this the wrong destination for us?

Hondu :
My wife and I snorkeled off Ambergris Caye and loved it. Nurse sharks are notoriously docile and will usually bite only if provoked. You have to harass them quite a bit. Go swim with them and enjoy yourselves.

Wifey of a Sweet Guy :
Yes. It is completely safe to swim there. I live in Belize City but me and my family go to Ambergris Caye all the time and I have never seen anyone who was the victim of a shark attack. So I don’t think you have to worry much. 🙂

Estrato Seis :
Yes its totally safe. Especially if you are a lawyer. You wont get bitten just out of professional courtesy.

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This post was written by JB on September 22, 2008