3rd annual Reggae fest in Belize

On September the 20th there will be a reggae fest. Featured artists include:
Belizean Melanie Gillet
Duane Stephenson

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This post was written by JB on September 12, 2008


A Boat Dock in Belize

Having been in Belize for over a week, the highlight of the expedition, a trip to a Mayan Temple, was to be the next day. After spending the day relaxing and snorkeling on South Caye, we had arrived back at our motel rather late in the evening.

Fierce storms were in the area,and it was doubtful because of high water and flooding as to whether we would still be able to make the trip to the ancient Mayan pyramid.

It consisted of boating up the Maya River for 45 minutes and then hacking our way for five hours through the jungle with machetes, staying over night, sleeping in sleeping bags and returning the next day. I was all for adventure, but the longer I remained in the jungle , the less I thought this might be a good idea,(those snakes are awfully big) I think I had reached the limit of my adventurous soul.

As we approached the boat dock and headed for the motel I had lagged behind the rest, it was fascinating being near the ocean while the storms raged out at sea! I watched for some time, listening to the thunder and being held in awe of the lightning reflecting off the clouds.

The storm appeared to be getting closer, it seemed to be time to go for shelter if I didn’t want to become a lightning rod. The group consisted of five, three women and two men and were thus divided up in separate adjoining rooms. As I entered my room, I heard voices coming from the adjoining room where the ladies were staying, yelling for me to come inside because of the approaching storm.

Being I was already inside, I became confused as to why they were yelling. I stepped out on the balcony and inquired as to why they were yelling at me when I wasn’t down on the boat dock. I scared the living daylights out of them, they swore that I had been standing on that boat dock until the very second that I spoke to them.

It was rather unnerving to all concerned, three people saw me on that boat dock when I wasn’t on it, they couldn’t have all been seeing something that wasn’t there. Is it possible , as the Aborigines believe, that when someone visits an area, they leave an aura that can bee seen forever! That is how the Aborigine Trackers track someone across solid rock and find lost travelers in the Outback.

We all had a good laugh about it and blamed it on the beer we had consumed, but not that much beer had been drank. However the fact that I did have a vague memory of contact with some sort of alien beings while standing on that dock haunted me. The trip was ultimately canceled, I had made contact with the ET’s ,(their ship was behind the storm clouds), I was counseled in the fact I no longer needed to trek into the jungle, it was to my best interest to avoid the situation.

I also sensed that for a while at least, part of me remained standing there,while the rest of me walked to my room.

Do we leave an image that can be seen consciously or subconsciously by other people,did it happen because I had possibly made contact with ET’s?

Guess that is for each of us to decide in our own way.

My life has been a spiritual journey, If you would like to read about some of it: http://www.manymanyworlds.com

Read of the Author’s journey of enlightenment; A Modern Day Walkabout: http://ebooks.ebookmall.com/ebook/277761-ebook.htm

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Travel News: Safety, Discounts and So Much More

Traveling isn’t only a matter of bookings, purchases and enjoyment. It is also a matter of good planning. This is obviously so since there are other underlying concerns in traveling that need to be addressed all of the time. Primary among all these is safety. Secondary is seasonal activities. Thus, travel news will prove to be immediately helpful for all travelers.

A foreign country has its own local concerns. This means that although most of the time, tourist destinations are safe, there may be policy adjustments that aliens will have to follow. What’s more is that there are instances when advisories in consuls will not allow their citizens to travel to the area due to an ongoing war or a threat of terrorism. The only way to know about these matters is through travel news advisories.

The best source of this type of news is the consulate of one’s country in the country of destination. Most of these consulates actually have their own sites where one may be able to inquire via-email. Yet, for direct contact, one may get these travel news through the department of Foreign Affairs.

With the right news, one is able to protect himself/ herself by canceling the trip or by getting a special insurance. Although in cases of vacations, one will not be granted passes it is a different case when one has to go to a country on business or work. One cannot get travel insurance for these travels since the country of destination is actually categorized as high-risk. The travel insurance offered by companies that offer that specific service provide for a wider array of coverage. They can cover majority of the hospital expenses when the traveler meets accidents. What’s more is that the holder may avail of specific insurances that cover post-travel diseases, high risk sports accidents and travels to high-risk areas .Prompted by travel news, one may be able to ask an insurance company to insure him/ her in going to the area.

Other than the issue of safety, one gets the latest perks and activities through news. This means that there are several seasons where one gets the best of the area and, sometimes, the best cuts in prices.

Travel news herald certain seasons where discounts come abundantly. For one, there are times when airline companies discount their fare rates. What’s more is that the traveler may opt to purchase his/ her tickets a week or two before so that he/ she will be able to avail of discounted prices.

Hotels and resorts also give out promotions for specific seasons and for specific packages. For one, the said establishments may place discounts during off peak seasons. This is especially true with non-luxury hotels. Yet, one must be careful with business hotels since they have fixed rates with little or no discounts all year long. All these could readily be known through travel news.

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Video from Placencia, Xunanunich, and Ranguana Caye

Here’s a nice vacation video from Digital Chick visiting the sites in Placencia, Xunanunich and Ranguana Caye Belize.

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Travel Insurance for Worry Free Trips

One avails of insurance in order to assure himself/ herself a certain monetary compensation for the probable loss of things, property or life. There are several kid of insurances available. There are those that are forms of investments for the future like educational and funeral plans. There are those that protect property like a house and lot insurance. Still there are those that could be availed at specific time periods for special cases/ events that still needs insurance. An example of this kind of insurance is the travel insurance.

The importance of a travel insurance policy lies in the unforeseen events that may occur to the detriment of the traveler’s life, property or health. This importance is even magnified by the fact that the traveler is out of the country where everything is readily accessible to him/ her.

One may avail of a travel insurance policy in two manners. First is through the travel agents and second is through a legitimate insurance company.

Those that come from travel agents are relatively less expensive. The agents actually take a certain percentage from the total travel cost and charge it as insurance fee. This is usually only five to seven percent.

Although travel insurance from agents is less expensive, they only have limited insurance coverage. This means that they could only defer a minimal amount for any cause of claim. An accident within the vacation yields hospital bills and the agents may cover only around one fourth of the entire expense. What’s more is that they cannot cover the usual insurance exclusions. Examples of these are post-travel diseases like heart failures, diabetes, asthma, etc. When one is hospitalized due to the aforementioned health problems, the insurance from the agents cannot give any recompense to the holder. Other cases include traveling to high risk countries where war and terrorism may be prevalent. Finally, there are those high risk sports, which only insurance companies can cover.

The travel insurance offered by companies that offer that specific service provides for a wider array of coverage. They can cover majority of the hospital expenses when the traveler meets accidents. What’s more is that the holder may avail of specific insurances that cover post-travel diseases and high risk sports accidents.

One gets his/ her travel insurance at the booking process of his/ her trip. Those that go through travel agencies are directly offered low cost insurance. Yet, the to-be traveler has the right to waive the insurance in favor of company insurance. The charges are then receipted in to certify that the traveler availed of the insurance. This will then entitle him/ her to a monetary claim if the event is among the things stated in the premium. Every claim is first verified by the company before any release is granted.

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