Feel Safe with Cheap Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is highly essential to any tourist or business person going on a trip outside of his/ her country. This is his/ her only way of assuring himself/ herself that any unforeseen matter like an accident or a loss will not go uncompensated. Yet, not all people could afford the expensive premiums offered by insurance companies. This is especially true to travelers who are on tight budgets. Yet, what they don’t know is that their very own travel agencies actually offer cheap travel insurance.

One gets his/ her cheap travel insurance at the booking process of his/ her trip. Those that go through travel agencies are directly offered low cost insurance. This usually means that he/ she is charged with five to seven percent of his/ her total expense for insurance.

In considering cheap travel insurance, one has to know that there are two ways of acquiring premiums. First is through the travel agents and second is through a legitimate insurance company.

Agents offer cheap travel insurance. The agents actually take a certain percentage from the total travel cost and charge it as insurance fee. This is usually only five to seven percent.

Although agents offer cheap travel insurance, their premiums only have limited coverage. This means that they could only defer a minimal amount for any cause of claim. An accident within the vacation yields hospital bills and the agents may cover only around one fourth of the entire expense. What’s more is that they cannot cover the usual insurance exclusions. Examples of these are post-travel diseases like heart failures, diabetes, asthma, etc. When one is hospitalized due to the aforementioned health problems, the insurance from the agents cannot give any recompense to the holder. Other cases include traveling to high risk countries where war and terrorism may be prevalent. Finally, there are those high risk sports, which only insurance companies can cover.

The travel insurance offered by companies that offer that specific service provides for a wider array of coverage. They can cover majority of the hospital expenses when the traveler meets accidents. What’s more is that the holder may avail of specific insurances that cover post-travel diseases and high risk sports accidents.

Yet, the catch when it comes to cheap travel insurance is that when the traveler is secure with his/ her itinerary and his country of destination, he/ she will only need the insurance from thee agents. This means that he/ she doesn’t have a post-travel health problem, isn’t headed towards a war torn area and isn’t going to join any high risk sports. It will also help if he/ she isn’t exactly concerned about unforeseen events given that he/ she has prepared a considerable amount for emergency cases.

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