shipping to Belize, Central America?

sonrisa asks :

I’m living in Belize, but I want to shop online for clothes, etc from the states and have it shipped here. However, I can’t find stores that ship to this country! Help please 🙂

Charlie responds :

I live in Mexico, same problem. One thing we do here is order what we want on-line and have it sent to the home of a friend in the states who is coming down soon…but there are probably fewer of those where you are. The best option is to use a “remailing ” service. You have your orders sent to them, then they forward them to you.

Have you considered using a Parcel Forwarding company like Bongo International? Bongo will set you up with a US address so that you can make purchases from US based online retailers even if they don’t ship internationally. The biggest benefit is that you can make multiple purchases from different vendors and Bongo will consolidate them into one shipment for you. Trust me, it has saved me hundreds of dollars! Good luck!

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Can we swim comfortably off Ambergris Caye in Belize with all the sharks?

John K asks :
Can it be relaxing to swim off the coast of Belize with the teeming number of nurse sharks present? It would be fun to swim with them once or twice, but if my wife and I want to relax in the ocean, is this the wrong destination for us?

Hondu :
My wife and I snorkeled off Ambergris Caye and loved it. Nurse sharks are notoriously docile and will usually bite only if provoked. You have to harass them quite a bit. Go swim with them and enjoy yourselves.

Wifey of a Sweet Guy :
Yes. It is completely safe to swim there. I live in Belize City but me and my family go to Ambergris Caye all the time and I have never seen anyone who was the victim of a shark attack. So I don’t think you have to worry much. 🙂

Estrato Seis :
Yes its totally safe. Especially if you are a lawyer. You wont get bitten just out of professional courtesy.

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Relaxing in Caracol

At the Rio On Pools near Caracol in Belize

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Belize Tourism Promotes Its Ancient Ties

If you loved the Indiana Jones or the “Romancing the Stone” movies, you have probably imagined going on exotic expeditions of your own. When you’re ready to take the plunge, one great place for you to visit is Belize.

This Central American country has everything you could ask for in an adventure vacation. Most notable are karst. These are caves formed on limestone shelves. They were formed thousands of years ago and are believed to have been sacred places used by the ancient Maya in their religious practices.

Archeologists estimate the karst were first used in about 1000 B.C. The Maya thought the karst were doorways to the world of the dead. Although previously historians believed there was only one such portal, known as Xibalba, located in Guatamala, it now appears that Mayans believed all karst were Xibalba or sacred. There is still a feel of the sacred when you visit them today. The people of Belize realize the importance of the treasures they have in the karst and are working to preserve them. You can still see them up close but do remember to be careful so that future generations can enjoy them as well.

Many of these karst are featured in Belize travel guides. They have become quite popular stops for visitors. It is easy to see why: Where else can you find such ancient historic artifacts in their natural state. The trip may not be for the squeamish: There is evidence that these ancient rites involved human sacrifice of children and adults. These are apparent at the Actun Tunichil Muknal karst where the sacrifices were apparently made to appease the gods.

Other karst that are interesting include the Caves Branch system which has a river with water that remains at about 75 degrees F year round. There is also the Che Chem Ha cave. It is believed the Mayans lived in this cave around the year 800 A.D. There are signs everywhere of the civilizations of Maya.

If you like caves but are not particularly interested in ancient civilizations, you can still enjoy them for their sporting potential. You can enjoy swimming, hiking, canoeing and tubing the beautiful wilderness. The Belize tourism office can tell you where to find the best spots for these treks.

Of course, Belize has all the other things that make a destination special. The people are wonderful. The food is tasty and the culture is fascinating. Belize offers the full range of tourist amenities. The nation may not be that well-known in the U.S. but it stills offer the full slate of amenities that travelers want.

So, if you are looking for a vacation destination that has a bit of derring-do to it, you might do worse than going to Belize.

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Honeymoon In Belize At An Ambergris Caye Resort

A Honeymoon in Belize is becoming a popular option, and the hard part then is putting together a honeymoon package, after deciding where to stay. A good choice would be the Xanadu Island resort on Ambergris Caye.

A Honeymoon resort benefits from being small, and Xanadu Island resort has only eighteen rooms, right on the beachfront within ten minutes walk of San Pedro on Ambergris Caye

The kind of accommodation you might decide to take on your honeymoon package could well be Suite number two which is an oceanfront loft with views to die for. Get up early, about half past six, make a cup of coffee in the kitchen, go outside onto the deck, and watch the sunrise, and if you do this once, you’ll do it everyday.

Ambergris Caye is a real island getaway, and Xanadu Island resort even more so. It is hidden on a beach lined with palm trees, and what you see from your dawn and daily outlook is the turquoise Caribbean, and the white line of the reef.

The breakdown of the accommodations is a Studio, Loft, or 1,2,or3 bedrooms. Each suite is airconditioned, plus ceiling fans, cable Television, unlimited internet access, as if you’d want that on your Belize honeymoon!!

Added to that hairdryers, safe, beach towels, and not forgetting your own private deck which is shaded from the sun.

There is a long pier with a thatched shade at the end and a swimming platform, so you can snorkel over the hotel’s own man made reef. There is a lovely pool, and loads of hammocks and sunbeds around the pool and on the beach.

The complimentary bikes and kayaks allow you to explore Ambergris Caye, and the bicycles are especially useful to take you into San Pedro to the great restaurants there. If your honeymoon in Belize isn’t to be just relaxing at the Xanadu, but you wish to be more energetic, then why not try Scuba Diving, sailing, fishing or take a guided eco tour to the rainforest.. In addition tours to Mayan ruins can easily be arranged.

Whilst there is no restaurant at the resort, this won’t detract from your honeymoon vacation at all, after all who needs boring hotel restaurant food anyway. There are two local markets close by, so snack meals can easily be organised in the kitchen which is very well equipped.

Some suggestions for feeding yourself are George’s for breakfast, Casa Picasso for dinner, Crazy Canuck’s Bar on the beach, and Monkey Bites for breakfast or lunch

The management team at the Xanadu Island Resort go out of their way from even before you arrive for your honeymoon in Belize to ensure you have an enjoyable and stress free time. From the immaculately maintained property, well looked after rooms, nothing is left to chance, even ensuring flights and taxis are all there when you need them.

Xanadu Island Resort on Ambergris Caye could give you the perfect honeymoon in Belize, and research shows that most people who have gone there for their Belize Honeymoon would return.

For more information on a Honeymoon in Belize go to

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